2 Silver Ore

Silver Ore
Chunk of Silver Ore.
Dropped by: Mining Rocks and Collecting from Mining Camps
Costs: 4 Crowns
Sells for: 20 coins
Inventory Max: 50

Used in Constructing:
Beacon of Hope [30];

Used in Crafting:
[Beastie Laboratory] Silver Arrow [2];
[Studio] Silver Ingot [2]; Purity Talismans [1];
[Workshop] Epic Ice Pick [2];
[Gift Shoppe] Lazy Spring [2];
[Valentine Shop] Vanity Mirror [2];
[Crafting Tent] Hefty Quiver [4];

Used in Quests:
Ooh, Shiny! - Love in the Time of Gloom: 6 of 10 [collect 5]
Shining Star - Lovelorn: 13 of 14 [have 5]
Sell it All! - Selling Out: 1 of 1 [have 2]
Hoarding Like a Dragon - A Dragon State of Mind: 5 of 10 [collect 6]
Glowing Ember - Little Bundle of Fire: 1 of 11 [have 1]
A Penny Saved - GEEZERS Tasks: 1 of 6 [have 15]

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