3 Sugar

Sugar Cane Material
 An all-natural sweetener

Cost to plant: 225 coins
Costs: 4 Crowns
Sells for: 5 coins
Inventory Max: 50
Ready to harvest in: 6 hours
Produces: 450 coins
Available at Level: 6

Used in Constructing:
Giant Egg [12];

Used in Crafting:
[Workshop] 1oz Half-Full Glass [5]; 3oz Half-Full Glass [6]; 6oz Half-Full Glass [7];
[Kitchen] Batter [2]; Saucy Tart [1]; Sweet Bun [6]
[Studio] Green Fairy Elixir [10]; 
[Valentine Shop] Candy Hearts [7]; Fairy Cake [5]; Sweet Cherry Pie [10];
[Gazebo] Lemonade [4]; Chocolate Bunny [7];
[Pavilion] Prized Friesian Horse [10];
[Crafting Tent] Fresh Sweet Cakes [6];

Used in Quests:
Gimme Sugar - Get Cooking Quest: 1 of 10 [harvest 15]
The Sweetest Thing - Spread the Love Quest: 8 of 10 [harvest 20]
Buttering Up - GEEZERS Tasks Quest: 3 of 6 [harvest 25]
Ode to Joy - The Seven Unicorns Quest: 5 of 8 [harvest 6]

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