Sweet, juicy berries.

Dropped by: Tending Ferns, Roots, and Mushrooms or clearing Grass.
Costs: 1 Crown
Sells for: 5 coins
Inventory Max: 50

Used in Crafting:
[Studio] Bottle of Ink [3]
[Kitchen] Castleberry Punch [10]; Berry Scone [10]; Berry Smoothie [2];
[Gift Shoppe] Holiday Decoy [20];
[Beastie Laboratory] Gloom Yeti Potion [5];
[Workshop] Indigo Flower +1 [5]; Indigo Flower +3 [5]; Indigo Flower +6 [10]; 

Used in Quests:
Berry Sweet - Love in the Time of Gloom Quest: 8 of 10 [have 15]
Dealing with Distractions - Breaking the Ice Quest: 2 of 8 [have 15]
Pixie Mix - A Fairy's Tale Quest: 3 of 10 [collect 10]
Hampered Chef - Get Cooking Quest: 7 of 10 [collect 10]
Calming Treat - Over the Rainbow Quest: 3 of 12 [have 3]
To Hatch a Unicorn - Eggstraordinary Evidence Quest: 5 of 10 [have 12]
Tapestries Tell Stories - Skippy's New Place Quest: 8 of 10 [have 30]

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