Wood Club

Wood Club
 Use to deal 3 damage to a Beastie.
Usage: Deals 3 Damage to Beastie
Crafted in: Workshop
Materials Required: 5 Wood Logs, 1 Alchemist Powder
Crafting Time: 10 mins
Cost: 5 Crowns
Sells for: 10 coins
Inventory Max: 20
Used in Construction:
Vault [5]; Torching Post [6]

Used in Crafting:
[Workshop] Super Clobber [2];
[Studio] Cleansing Flame [2];  Purity Wand [1]

Used in Quests:
Peace is the Answer: Nature Lover Quest 8 of 11 [have 3 and Sell 3]
Beastie Banishment: Nature Lover Quest 11 of 11 [craft 3]
Beauty Rest: Lovelorn Quest 2 of 14 [have 1]
Prepping for an Invasion: Make it Hail Quest 1 of 2 [craft 1]
Knock Down Drag Out: Make it Hail Quest 2 of 2 [collect 1 from workshop]
Enough is Enough: Cooking Appreciation Quest 8 of 10 [craft 1]
Finders keepers: The Cursed Chest Quest 6 of 10 [have 10] 
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    1. Sorry. With 70 over items here, sometimes I miss one.
      I will add more clubs this evening.

  2. hi i collected loads of things and it says it has gone through successfully but then when i open my castleville it says i dont have any ..

    1. You could be collecting too quickly.
      Try to slow down the clicks between links.
      wait at least five seconds between link-clicks.

  3. Got 3 wood clubs and the rest is claimed under
    Added on 27.04.2012. Thanks for the links though.

  4. please add more.. they are so helpful. Thanks.

  5. workin just fine my friends

  6. currently I am getting error message that says "Reward data was missing" - is this more of those CastleVille errors with feeds?