Cow Hide

Cow Hide
 Raw Hide used to make Leather.

Dropped by: Feeding Adult Cows
Costs: 3 Crowns
Sells for: 10 coins
Inventory Max: 50
Used in Crafting:
[Workshop] Dragon Blade [3];
[Studio] Leather [1]; Red Ballon +1 [1]; Red Ballon +3 [2]; Red Ballon +6 [2];
[Valentine Shop] Pink Fur Coat [1]
[Crafting Tent] Lightweight Quiver [3];

Used in Quests:
Balloon Ride to Adventure - Adventure Club: 10 of 10 [have 10]
Zen and the Art of Nest Design - Eggstraordinary Evidence: 7 of 10 [have 15]
The Lost Prince - When Dukes Cry: 1 of 5 [have 5]
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