Grape Juice

Grape Juice
Delicious Juice. Consume for 3 Energy.
Usage: Gives 3 Energy
Crafted in: Kitchen
Materials Required: 10 Grapes, 5 Pails of Water
Crafting Time: 1.5 hours
Costs: 5 Crowns

Sells for: 25 coins
Inventory Max: 10
Used in Quests:
Fit for a Swamp : The Gloom Swamp Quest 4 of 12 [consume 1]
Royal Inn Grand Opening: Inn and Out Quest 13 of 13 [craft 5]
Purple Drink: Training Quest 5 of 5 [craft 2]
Peasants Dreams: The Great Hall: 12 of 20 [craft 5]
Knock out! - Cooking Appreciation Quest 5 of 10 [craft 3]
RUI : Party Girl Quest 8 of 10 [have 2]
Out of the Gloom: Traveling Bard Quest 1 of 5 [craft 2]
Restoration Celebration - The Revenge of Rafael Quest: 13 of 13 [craft 5]
Party Hearty - Party Time Quest: 3 of 5 [craft 5]
It Burns! - Duke Vs. Food Quest: 2 of 5 [craft 2]
Egging Him On - Eggstraordinary Evidence Quest: 2 of 10 [craft 1]
Flying Buttresses - Skippy's New Place: 9 of 10 [Craft 8]
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  1. This was so easy.... and there I could always find energy very fast :(

  2. I think I preferred the old layout, as well. The new one probably deters more people from being greedy, though.

    Thank you so much for this site, btw!! You've saved me so much money by providing grape juice! <3

  3. ALL claimed - Added on 29.04.2012

  4. all gone already..

  5. I'm getting an expired note.

  6. all gone, guess the site is to popular now.

  7. is anyone tending this?

  8. Thank you so much!! Have got almost 1000 energy!!

  9. links do not work bro its not coming in castel ville

    all links

  10. when are the links going to update??? its now 24 oct