Castleville Gift Links, March 6th: Iron Picks, Diamonds, Shards, Talismans, Energy Potions and Even More New Items!

Castleville Enemies

The following links have been harvested for my friendly Castleville cohorts to claim as their own.
  • Please only take what you need and please don't steal these links. 
  • Also, Don't send gifts back to these links.
  • Gift Links expire in 3 days - Use the Blog Archive to check previous days' links.
  • If you like them, then like this blog on facebook, tweet it, stumble it and digg it!
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  • Thanks.

Small Energy Potion

Purity Talisman

Diamond Material

Crystal Shard

Gold Brick

Iron Pick

Bubbly Grog

Red Tulip

Spy Glass

Blue Feather


Royal Jewels

Castleville Crown Logo

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