Mystery Meat

Mystery Meat
You're not sure what kind of meat this is.

Request from Friends
Costs: 7 Crowns
Sells for: 5 coins
Inventory Max: 10

Used in Crafting:
[Gazebo] Southwest Scramble [5]; Quiche [3]
Used in Quests:
Fried Fish with Love : Love in the Time of Gloom 1 of 10 [Have 5]
Beastie Confection: Nature Lover Quest 10 of 11 [Collect 4]
Hoodwinked: Lovelorn Quest 8 of 14 [Have 5]
Brine Dining: A Pirate's Life Quest 3 of 5 [Have 2]
Perfect Pet : Party Girl Quest 6 of 10 [Have 5]
Chewy Meat Bar: Baby Duke Bar Quest 1 of 5 [Have 5]
Freeze: Icy Witch Quest 3 of 7 [Have 7]
Home Improvement: Getting Schooled Quest 5 of 5 [Collect 3]
Setting the Trap: Bump in the Night Quest 8 of 10 [Have 5]

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  1. Thanks for sharing the links but they all expired. Opened everyone of them.

    Added on 07.04.2012
    Date: 04.04.2012 17:26 Item: MysteryMeat till end of Date: 05.04.2012 05:17 Item: MysteryMeat

    1. Sorry, I posted the fresh links for Milk and Meat on the Spring Items page here:

      Forgot to make an extra batch for these pages..
      won't happen again.

    2. Don't apologize! you're awesome for doing this at all :) Thanks!!

    3. My first post was just to point out that they were expired so that others don't do the full clicking like I did.

      Thanks for your hard work, it's truly appreciated.

  2. Thanks for all the great work. Your link has been a terrific help.