Paper used for documents and letters.

Crafted in: Studio
Requires: 4 wood, 6 cotton
Crafting Time: 7 minutes
Costs: 6 Crowns
Sells for: 5 coins
Inventory Max: 50

Used in Constructing:
The Cathedral [10];

Used in Crafting:
[Workshop] Shiny Medal of Honor [1];

Used in Quests:
Art of Love - Love in the Time of Gloom: 4 of 10 [craft 1]
Fan Mail - Lovelorn: 14 of 14 [have 10]
Happy Medium - The Diva: 2 of 11 [have 3]
Lost and Replaced - Traveling Bard: 3 of 5 [craft 2]
Miner Treasure - Occupational Hazards: 5 of 13 [have 10]
Puppy-Proofing - Puppy Love: 3 of 8 [have 1]
Lost Dog - When Dukes Cry: 4 of 5 [craft 6]
Up all Night - Gloom Experiments: 3 of 7 [have 3]
A Horse of a Different Color - The Seven Unicorns: 6 of 8 [craft 1]

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