Red Feather

Red Feather Item
Bright Red Feather
Dropped by: Feeding Adult Peacock
Costs: 2 Crowns
Sells for: 5 coins
Inventory Max: 50
Used in Crafting:
[Workshop] Violet Moon +1 [1]; Violet Moon +3 [3]; Violet Moon +6 [5];
[Studio] Dye Kit [10]; Bundle of Love Arrows [40]; Red Ballon +3 [3]; Fireproof Boxers [4]; Silk Flowers [3];
Fireproof Chew Toy [10]; 
[Beastie Laboratory] Mystic Wind [3]
[Pavilion] Carnival Party [10];
[Crafting Tent] Hefty Quiver [5]

Used in Quests:
Happy Medium - The Diva Quest: 2 of 11 [Collect 5]
Pieces of Flair - Carnival Quinn Quest: 2 of 3 [have 5]
Sewed Up - You're a Pirate! Quest: 4 of 6 [have 10]
Sleeping Like a Dragon - A Dragon State of Mind Quest: 3 of 10 [collect 8]
Fly Like a Dragon - A Dragon State of Mind Quest: 9 of 10 [collect 25]
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