Dropped by: Helping out in Neighbor's Kingdoms,
News Feeds, and Using a Love Potion.
Inventory Max: 100
Usage: Used for Crafting and to purchase items in the Market.

Used in Crafting:
[Workshop] Hammer [3]; Brick Oven [5]; Bag of Nails [10]; Spear of Humility [30]; Violet Moon +3 [5];
[Kitchen] Flour Sack [3]; Grindstone [5]; Blue Seashell +3 [5]
[Studio]  Cotton Cloth [5]; Candle [5]; Bedding [10]; Loom [5]; Fasteners [10];
[Valentine Shop] Greeting Card [2]
[Gazebo] Egg Dye [2]
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  1. all rewards are claimed :(

  2. need to refill please

  3. This is getting a little ridiculous...I have to refresh 25-50 times to claim one thing. When is this going to be fixed?

  4. That's a bit of an over-statement, but ok... I just checked 3 links real quick, two of them claimed right away and only one of them I had to refresh twice.

    Next batch shouldn't have this problem - but it does sprout up every once in a while.