Gloom Wolf Hair

Wolf Hair Material
Hair from the back of a Wolf.

Dropped by: Attacking Gloom Wolves
Costs: 3 Crowns
Sells for: 5 coins
Inventory Max: 50
Used in Crafting:
[Beastie Laboratory] Gloom Wolf Potion [2]; Silver Arrow [4];

Used in Quests:
Building a Better Beastie - Adventure Club: 9 of 10 [have 15]
Not In MY Kingdom! - Good Times: 3 of 5 [have 15]
Hairy Tale - Lovelorn: 4 of 14 [have 7]
Scare Beastie - Treasure Hunt: 5 of 11 [collect 3]
Wolves' Clothing - Inn and Out: 9 of 13 [collect 3]

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