Wool Material
 Fluffy Sheep Wool

Dropped by: Feeding Adult Sheep
Costs: 1 Crown
Sells for: 5 coins
Inventory Max: 50
Used in Crafting:
[Studio] Wool Thread [3]; Orange Butteryfly +1 [5]; Orange Butteryfly +3 [5]; Orange Butteryfly +6 [8];
[Workshop] Polished Medal of Honor [6]; Shiny Medal of Honor [7]; Gleaming Medal of Honor [8]; 
[Beastie Laboratory] Mystic Wind [4]

[Gift Shoppe] Holiday Slippers [5]
[Valentine Shop] Greeting Card [1]

Used in Quests:
Whoops - Party Girl: 7 of 10 [collect 12]
Prepping for the Cold - Where's George?: 3 of 8 [collect 5]
Checking Him Out - Breaking the Ice: 1 of 8 [have 8]
Into the Deep - Occupational Hazards: 6 of 13 [collect 30]
What's in the Cake - Cooking Appreciation: 6 of 10 [collect 10]
Beauty Unrest - The Revenge of Rafael: 1 of 13 [have 25]
Playtime's Over - When Dukes Cry: 3 of 5 [collect 20]
Supply in Demand - GEEZERS Tasks: 3 of 6 [have 20]
Scouting Ahead - Unicornucopia: 7 of 10 [collect 8]

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  1. I love you man

  2. The first ones are expired and the rest is claimed.

  3. Says reward data was missing...

    1. reward data missing = all claimed. Try now they all work just added some a few hours ago.

  4. all claimed from may 18th

  5. new ones all claimed too, got 1 somewhere in the middle :(

  6. None of the claimed rewards I got shows in the actual game...ugh.