2 Sticks of Butter

Gift Links Stick of Butter Craftable
A Stick of Butter used in cooking recipes.

Usage: Used in various recipes
Crafted in: Kitchen
Produced by: Mia's Butter Churn [1 every 8 hours]
Materials Required: 5 Milk Bottle
Crafting Time: 5 Min
Costs: 3 Crowns
Sells for: 5 coins
Inventory Max: 50
Used in Crafting:
[Kitchen]  Bag of Popcorn [2]; Bread Dough [1]; Cake [3]; Chocolate Bar [1]; Cornbread Muffin [1]; Hot Buns [1]; Kettle Corn [1]; Saucy Tart [1]; Surprise Cupcake [3]; Tomato Bisque[3]; Totem Bane [4]; Whoopie Cake [2]; 3 TBSP. Glee Spice [2];
[Studio] Bundle of Love Arrows [5];
[Gazebo] Ultimate Streusel Cake [1];
[Archery Tent] Fresh Sweet Cakes [2];

Used in Quests:
Chill Out: Icy Witch Quest 7 of 7 [have 4 to craft Totem Bane]
Getting Wet: Hungry Quest 4 of 5 [craft 1]
Coat of Honey : Baby Duke Bar Quest 2 of 5 [craft 2]
Save Alastair: The Gloom Lord Quest 5 of 5 [have 5 to craft Bundle of Love Arrows]
Gimme Sugar: Get Cooking Quest 1 of 10 [craft 5]
Taste Testing: Cooking Appreciation Quest 3 of 10 [have 12 to craft 4 Surprise Cakes]
Let's Make Whoopie: Cooking Appreciation Quest 4 of 10 [have 12 to craft 6 Whoopie Cakes]
Corn For a Kettle: Magical Corn Quest 5 of 5 [have 10 to craft 10 Kettle of Corn]
It Burns! - Duke Vs. Food: 2 of 5 [craft 5]
The Gloom Goblin - Gloom Watch: 6 of 9 [craft 5]

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