Castleville Gift Links: Even More Energy Totem Materials and Spring Picnic Items

Castleville Gift Links Stonehenge"FEEL THE POWER!"

Energy Totem Material Items!

The Energy Totem will boost your maximum energy
 from 25 points to a whooping 28 points. 
It requires 40 Stone Blocks, 30 Gold Bricks, 15 Fairy Dust, and 10 Iron Picks to craft.
  The only downside, except for the shear amount of materials needed, is that it will hold up one of your Workshops for nearly 2 full days.  Remember though, each neighbor who visits and tends the workshop that is crafting the totem will take a decent percentage off the total production time. Keep that in mind for tending other buildings as well - when tending in a neighbors kingdom, the larger the production time for a crafting/crafting support building, the larger the amount of time is accelerated by neighbors tending them.  Understood? Good. Let's move on.

Below you will find links for everything needed to construct the Energy Totem

Click on an Item to go to its Gift Links Page.

Gold Brick
Fairy Dust

Iron Pick

Stone Block

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