Lord Faugrimm's Secret Stash

Castleville Giftlinks Steal Lord Faugrimm's Treasure

Here you will find Lord Faugrimm's Secret Stash of Items.

Either choose the
Red Treasure Chest
Green Treasure Chest
and see what awaits.

There could be Crowns hidden within.
Gold Coins or Gold Bricks could fill those Chests.
Will you find Energy Potions Galore and Diamonds?
Or you may only find Rait tails and Wolf Hair.
What could lurk within these chests?

1000 Gift Links to anyone who can Steal Lord Faugrimm's Treasure!

1. Choose a Treasure Chest.
2. Complete one 3 minute survey. [It's safe.]
 3. Collect Lord Faugrimm's Secret Stash.

Choose your treasure:

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  1. Thank you very much ~ Grazzi Hafna (Maltese)

  2. All that lurks here are ads. Not quite sure how this is supposed to work? I click a chest and get ad website!

    1. Some sites have that "ad" on every single link. Apart from the blog and the facebook fan page, I figured it wouldn't hurt to have two small chests with unknown contents with an ad on them. Its only a five second ad that you can skip, and sometimes there is a whole lot of links in there - different ones every few days.

      Would you prefer ads on all links?

  3. Unable to skip these ads. It says Link shortener that pays.

    1. Lord Faugrimm's Treasure contains hidden links that can be accessed by completing 1 of the 3 surveys on that page. They are short surveys [about 3 mins] and once completed you can view/claim the links.

  4. did a survey and still didnt get it !!