Studio Mastery with Giovanni the Renaissance Man and the Artsy Faire Parties.

Join in the Renaissance - Giovanni Quest
A visitor has tunneled his way to your kingdom and with him: a new set of Quests, Mastery Skills in the Studio and a love for Artsy Fartsy Faire Parties.  Giovanni and his quest line, "The Renaissance Man", offer the new ability to Master Crafting in the Studio.  He also brings with him new recipes and a new Crafting Support Building.  Continue Reading to learn about all the Materials you will need and the items you will be crafting.

Give the man a Snack:
The first two quest have you helping Giovanni tunnel out of the ground into your Kingdom.  On his arrival, he ensures you have a Studio to begin work and asks for a snack.
You will need to craft 2 Ice Creams and Have 3 Brain Food [which can be posted to your Feeds].
For Ice Cream, you will need plenty of Ice Chunks [request from friends] and some Milk and Honey.

Milk Bottle


Start your Studio Mastery:
Green Fairy Elixir - Castleville Gift links
Green Fairy Elixir IconIn the next quest, you begin your first Studio Crafting Mastery Lesson.  You will have to craft 3 Green Fairy Elixirs - in fact, the two more quests will have you Mastering this item in no time.  It will take 3 Corks, 3 Grubs, 10 Sugar Canes and about 1.5 hours to Craft each Fairy Elixir. Request Corks and Grubs form Friends - Grubs can also be found by clearing Dead Logs [Buyable for 250 Coins in Market > Nature > Plants]. You will need to plant and/or collect at least 100 Sugar Canes throughout this entire quest line.
Sugar Cane Material

Construct Giovanni's House:

Giovanni's House Construction Materials

For constructing Giovanni's House, you will need 10 Stone Blocks, 10 Wood Planks, and 6 Flax Oil.

TIP: Both Stone Blocks and Wood Planks can be requested from the same friends twice - once for Building [see the image above] AND once for Crafting [in Workshop, see Wishing Well].

Be sure to stock up on Stone Blocks, Wood Logs, and Flax so you can build his house quickly. 

Stone Block

Wood Log Material


Construct the Glass Blower:
Glass Blower Construction Materials

Glass Blower IconNext, you will need to purchase and construct the Glass Blower. 10 Bags of Sand, 6 Bellows, 6 Lighting in a Jars, and a Workbench are needed to finish construction.  The Glass Blower supplies your Kingdom with Crafted Glass at a rate of 1 every 36 hours.
In this quest you will also need to craft 3 more Elixirs and Use 3 HyperCrafts [which costs 30 Reputation in Market > Consumables].

TIP: If you can, Start crafting the Workbench in the Workshop before you reach this quest since it takes 24 hours, 3 Wood Planks, and Two Bags of Nails to craft it.
A Request for Lightning in a Jar can be posted to your wall; and Bellows can be requested from friends; and you will also want to have plenty of Sand.

So stock up on the following items:


Sand Bag
Complete your Mastery:
In the next quest, you complete your mastery of the Green Fairy Elixir by crafting a total of 10 in the Studio [6 made previously plus 4 more you craft for this quest].
Make sure you have 6 Sheet Music.

The following quest is rather simple.  You only need to banish 2 Gloom Thieves, Collect taxes 12 times, and have 3 Collection Boxes.
TIP: For the Collection Boxes, you can either craft them in the Work Shop at the cost of 3 hours, 1 Alchemist Powder, 1 Wood Planks and 1 Shell OR simply purchase one in the Market > Consumables for 10 Reputation.

The succeeding quest is also quite easy - only requiring you to have 6 Thick Books [request by posting to your wall], Spend 80000 Coins, and Water 7 Saplings. Easy.

Crafting the Infinity Fish Bowl:
Infinity Fish Bowl Materials
Infinity Fish BowlHere is where things get hairy.  In the next to last quest, you have to craft an Infinity Fish Bowl.  This item will take 6 hours of crafting with the following items:  2 Crafted Glass, 2 Pails of Water, 1 Angle Finder, and 5 Fish Food.

Pails of Water can be collected from fishing and Fish Food can be requested from friends.

The Crafted Glass can now be collected from the Glass Blower, but you may not want to wait the 36 hours it takes to collect it.  Your next best option may be to craft the Glass in the Studio. It will require 2.5 hours, 5 Sand, and 2 Wood Logs.

To craft the Angle Finder, you are required to have 2 Iron Bars, 1 Fasteners, 15 Alchemist Powders and a Workshop to craft this item for 44 hours!

Lets break the Angle Finder down to the basic Material and Crafting Check list:
Make a total of 3 Iron Bars which cost 3 Wood Logs, 2 Iron Ores, and 9 hours each in a Work Shop to craft.  And the Fasteners will cost 1 Iron Bar, 10 Reputation and 14 hours in the Studio to craft.

You should be crafting Iron Bars, the Fasteners, and the Angle Finder at any moment when you have a free crafting building before you reach this quest so you can complete it with quickness.

Be sure to stock up on Pails of Water, and Iron Ore:

Pail of Water

Iron Ore

Finishing it all up:

In the final quest, you will need to reach Mastery Level 1 for 3 more Studio Items, have 2 Studios, and Spend 42 Reputation.  In order to prepare for this last quest, you should look for the 3 items with the least amount of crafting time and the fewest amount left to craft.  You may want to start early and leave 3 items at 9 - that way you will only need to craft 1 each to finish.


Art Faire Party MOTD
All the hippies are coming out for this shindig - The Artsy Fartsy Faire Party. You will be throwing constant parties in order collect enough materials to craft your Prizes. 
Art Faire Party Puppet Booth Materials
Be sure to request or craft enough Wood Planks, Wool Cloth, and Old Socks to craft many Puppet Booths in your Pavilion. 
Wool Cloth

For Reading this page down this far, you are rewarded with these Rare Quest Items:

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