Plate of Spaghetti

Gift Links Plate of Spaghetti
Consume these noodles for 3 Energy.

Usage: Consume for 3 Energy.
Crafted in: Kitchen
Materials Required: 10 Bundle of Wheat, 3 Flaxseed Oil, 7 Tomatoes
Crafting Time: 2 hours
Costs: 5 Crowns
Sells for: 250 coins
Inventory Max: 15

Used in Quests:
Pig Out - A Pet For George: 2 of 6 [craft 4] 
Master Chef - You're a Pirate!: 2 of 6 [craft 2] 
The Charms of the Kingdom - From the Knight Sky: 6 of 9 [craft 3] 
Market Fresh - GEEZERS Tasks: 3 of 6 [craft 2]

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  1. Daily Reward ist perfect! Thanks! The other links are to old.

  2. the links dont hit castle ville