3 Flaxseed Oil

Gift Links Flaxseed Oil Craftable
Used in cooking and other recipes.

Usage: Used in various recipes
Crafted in: Kitchen
Materials Required: 2 Flax
Crafting Time: 5 Min
Costs: 4 Crowns
Sells for: 5 coins
Inventory Max: 50

Used in Constructing:
Watchtower [20]; Giovanni's House [6];

Used in Crafting:
[Workshop] Font of Sweet Air [1];
[Kitchen] Bag of Popcorn [1]; Fried Fish [4]; Kettle Corn [1]; Plate of Spaghetti [3]; +3 Unicorn Tart [3]; Fried Oysters [1];
[Studio] Leather [3]; Element of Humility [2];
[Myrick] Jar of Skin Purifier [2];
[Magic] New Bloom [2];
Used in Quests:
Too Sexy! - Good Times: Quest 1 of 5 [have 2]
Royal Flush - Occupational Hazards: Quest 10 of 13 [have 15]
Overdue Books - The Revenge of Rafael: Quest 10 of 13 [have 40]
Design Realized - Gloom Experiments: Quest 4 of 7 [have 3]

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  1. everything is about 3 weeks expired

  2. I have claimed many of the above links but I received none in the game even I have it refreshed 4 to 5 times,though.How could I solve the problem,bro??

  3. This site is dead. Move on...

  4. R.I.P. Castleville Gift Links...