Bundle of Wheat

Wheat Bundle

Cost to plant: 150 coins
Costs: 4 Crowns
Sells for: 5 coins
Inventory Max: 50
Ready to harvest in: 8 hours
Produces: 400 coins
Available at Level: 8

Used in Crafting:
[Kitchen] Chicken and Corn Chili [5]; Magic Bean Stew [3]; Meat Sandwich [3]; Pizza [5]; Plate of Spaghetti [7]; Tomato Bisque Soup [20]; Vegetable Cocktail [5];
[Studio] Red Balloon +1 [5]; Red Balloon +3 [10]; Red Balloon +6 [10]; Fireproof Boxers [10]; Childhood Friendship Bracelet [7]; Lifelong Friendship Bracelet [8]; Eternal Friendship Bracelet [9];
[Gazebo] Southwest Scramble [3]

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