Claim Gift Links

Castleville Character George the Miner

How to... 

...Claim Gift Links.
This page will explain, in detail, how to claim the gift links
and will touch on any potential issues or problems you may encounter.
Knowledge is power.

  1. First, make sure you are logged into your Facebook account.
  2. Next, Go to the Gift Links Page, select an item, and click on a link. You will be redirected to Facebook.
  3. If you see "Gift Claimed Successfully!", Congrats - you have just claimed a free item!
  4. If you receive a different message, read "Collection Messages and Reasons" below for more info.
Note: You can press Ctrl+click to open links in new tabs for faster collecting.
Be sure to claim your Daily Rewards once every 24 hours!

Gift Claimed Successfully
"Gift Claimed Successfully!"

Collection Messages and Reasons:

You already responded to this reward
Message: "You already responded to this reward."
Reason: You have already clicked that link: Try another link!

Sorry all rewards have been claimed
Message: "Sorry, all rewards have been claimed."
Reason:  That gift was collected the maximum amount of times: Try another link!

Message: "Sorry, this reward has expired"
Reason:  Reward Links expire after 72 hours: Try another link!

you reached the collection limit
Message: "Whoa, friend! You've reached the collection limit for now. Try again later"
Reason:  You have reached your daily collection limit for that item:
Try again tomorrow or try a different item!

A note about the collection limit:
Once you reach your Collection limit for claiming news feed items, you cannot claim any more for 18 hours!
Each item has a set "claim amount" which can be collected before hitting your "collection limit".
News feeds or gift links found online older than 18 hours DO NOT have a Claim Amount.
All links on Castleville GIft Links have aged 18 hours and are Unlimited.

You can read more about Claiming and Requesting Items
For example: The collection limit for some items
[per person every 18 hours]:
Item Amount
Gold Bricks 5
Small Energy3 Potion 2
Iron Pick 2
Wood Club 3

Castleville Gift Links Common Courtesy:
  • Only take what you need and please don't steal these links. 
  • Don't send gifts back to these links - it may cause the dreaded "95% loading" issue.
  • Gift Links expire in 72 hrs [3 days] from the Date-Time Stamp on the Link.
  • Collection Limits are enforced for the first 18 hours. [Timezone is EST].
  • After 18 hours from link creation time, there is no collection limit.
  • Share Your Favorite Items with your friends:
  • At the top of each Item page are share buttons - please use them. :)
  • Join us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with all new posts!
  • Thanks.


  1. OMD I love your page:) Csn you please post the St Patricks Day items again as the existing ones have all been claimed. Thank you soooo much

  2. wow i sucessfully claim gold brick more than 10 times.... :?

    1. Yes Sir! [or Madam]...
      Pay attention to the gift link creation time.

      If it is 18 hours or more past the link creation time and you haven't already reached you collection limit on an item, then there will be NO collection limit for those items. :)

      I will throw links out that have past the 18 hour limit every now and then... so take advantage of it!


  3. I tried the cotton today since i needed 3 to finish a quest...
    I did as usual first... checked inventory . no new cotton there.
    Tried to load the game for every cotton - didn't work either.

    /Sussi Play

  4. I have collected about 10 cloaks only 2 showed up, it has been like this with other items too. Don't mean to be a whinger was just wondering if it was my puter or your page. Ty.

    1. Yeah, it a little known bug. You need to refresh the "claimed successfully" page until you see "Already responded". If all goes well, all links after this batch should not exhibit this problem.

  5. ive tried the links but it doesnt go to my inventory. Any ideas on how to make it go to my inventory?

  6. Thanks so much for this it is greatly appreciated. Just one quick question. I click and it collects but then when I look at my tally it isn't reflected - is there any special reason for that??

  7. ---see answer for #4.. frankly I am happy with all the 'tables if info' that r here, the linx r a bonus!! I'll figure it out..some DO kinda say that I got it but after refreshing still not there. I SAID I wasn't gonna gripe too, lol! THANK you thank you for YOUR obviously tedious work in 'here' just for us! I am so happy right now, I could jump off the Royal Manor into the swamp pond! George tries to pull me out while my dog is yappin' his head off. Mia is over by the kitchen singing again so she can't hear the commotion, Baz & Tom are eating her cherry pie while the Gloom Dragon attempts to land over by the palm trees but..yadda yadda yadda (didn't xpect to write a story, this is really baaad, lolol!) .. this is awesome!!

  8. {{(after RE reading instructions, I FINALLY GET it!!)}} LOL!!! "18 hours" is the answer to most of our ????'s. again thank you for what you have shared with us, this is added gravy to my once meager supply closet!

  9. Hedwig de Groote
    i collect some items it says collect as many you want,If you see "Gift Claimed Successfully!", Congrats - you have just claimed a free item!, but i dont have anything in my inventory in my bag nothing i dont have the items so where are they

  10. I have the same problem, it says I collected succesfully, but its not in my inventory, nothing, don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what the problem is. This would be an extremely amazing site if I can get it to work. Thanks for all your work in making this site for Castleville players!!

  11. Are these links all expired or is there something wrong with them? It says it's past the expiration, but I'm still able to click on them. When I go to my game, even after refresh, the items aren't there in my inventory. If the problem is that the links have expired, can you please post updated ones? I'd very much appreciate it. :)

  12. Have not been able to collect new links for several weeks now, I just get the "reward data missing" message over and over.