How to... 

This page will explain, in detail, how to claim the gift links
and will touch on any potential issues or problems you may encounter.
Knowledge is power.

This page will explain, in detail, how to get more Caslteville Crowns.

This page will explain how to use the Castleville Bonuses app.
This Facebook app will scan all of your Castleville feeds and will
automatically collect all the rewards straight from your Facebook page.
Time better spent.

Castleville Request Items, Claim Items, and Posting Rewards to Facebook?
Collecting items and rewards for Castleville can be a tedious task.  Your Facebook news feed might be inundated with Castleville Rewards and Requests from friends and family.  As you click through each post to collect rewards or to respond to item requests, you may notice the dreadful
You’ve reached the collection limit for now!” message.
Please refer to the article and supplemental tables to learn how to avoid the limits.